All Your Fight Chemistry Questions Answered

So what is Fight Chemistry anyway?
Fight Chemistry is a scientific method of understanding combat. It is not based on doctrine nor a set pattern. Instead it builds from individual strengths and interests, giving a sense of self-empowerment and instilling confidence. Fight Chemistry is not in any form tactical but instead instinctive therefore making an individual unpredictable due to its broken rhythm.

What types of moves are taught?
Many moves based on the individuals ability such as a variety of punches, kicks, finger jabs, elbows, knees, throws and grappling.

How is this different from martial arts?
Traditional Martial Arts are taught by-the-book and each style can be inflexible. Many Martial Art styles are ruled by tournament rules and a point system. What works in the ring may not, and usually does not, work on the streets therefore is useless to the majority of people. Fight Chemistry on the other hand teaches how to use your environment and the situation to your advantage. There aren't any tournament rules and there is no point system. Technique goes out the window and analyzation of movement becomes key to functional, smart combat. If the move is unnecessary and difficult, it is discarded.

Does it teach self-defense?
Yes! Self-defense and also self mastery.

What equipment does Fight Chemistry use?
Open finger boxing gloves, forearm guards, bags and anything else that will serve a purpose. Please understand that Fight Chemistry training is and will be very unorthodox but effective.

How can you use what you learn in everyday life?
Fight Chemistry is a way of life. Conflict is a condition of human nature and most everyone finds themselves in some sort of conflict every day. It is not what life throws at us however, it is how we deal with it and how we control our emotions. To think rationally takes true discipline and self-control. Fight Chemistry gives people the tools they need to find the confidence within themselves to face life battles head-on and the courage to face any fear they may have, even if that is simply fear of failure. There are no failures in Fight Chemistry, only challenges and obstacles to overcome.

Who could benefit from Fight Chemistry?
Everyone and anyone.