Tough Knocks Teen Training

Tough Knocks is a cross-training program that integrates teamwork and conflict resolution with physical conditioning.  It can be used as a complimentary activity to help sharpen and practice important skills necessary for success in other sports or it can be useful all by itself.  

Let's face it, the majority of teens today are NOT ready for the toughness and cruel reality of this world we live in.  Many are coddled or are let to simply 'get by' which does not help them understand that this world will not treat them the same.  They will be in for a rude awakening once they are outside of the home.  All Out Fitness seeks to help change that.

Not only does Tough Knocks teach basic self-defense tools, it also teaches important lessons about life.

Why Kids Like It:

>Provides a Structured Outlet for Physical Activity
>Utilizes Teamwork to Meet Challenges and Overcome Obstacles
>Is an Alternative to Other Sports
>Builds Camaraderie Amongst Peers
>Tests Physical and Mental Limits
>Teaches Self-Defense and Appropriate Use of Force

Why Coaches Like It:

>Improves Hand-Eye Coordination
>Keeps Players Active and Conditioned  
>Develops Discipline
>Learn Individual Strengths and How to Utilize Them Most Effectively
>Teaches Basics Body Mechanics
>Improves Cardiovascular Endurance, Agility and Strength

Why Parents Like It:

>Provides a Safe and Positive Outlet for Physical Aggression and Frustration
>Demands Discipline and Respect
>Develops Personal and Social Responsibility
>Teaches Self-Defense and When to Use It

What else does it help?

>Teaches How to Overcome Adversity
>Encourages Teamwork
>Builds Strong Work Ethic
>Encourages Positive Relationships and Respect for Others
>Develops Personal Satisfaction and Pride