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I would recommend Anthony Gonzales as a self defense instructor because he is is very knowledgeable in that field of instruction and is very thorough.  Mr. Gonzales skill level is among the best in the industry.  He incorporates both verbal de-escalation and conflict resolution to attempt to not resort to physical contact. His physical conditioning aid in his ability to teach the dynamic aspects of self defense.  I worked with Mr. Gonzales at the Mohave County Sheriffs Detention Center.  On many occasions he was able to de-escalate hostile situations as well as successfully repel physical attacks from single and multiple attackers.  He is very good at what he does.  His self defense programs would be a benefit to any organization. He developed a  good, realistic approach to self defense.  Benjamin C Lozano, Security Supervisor, Penny pincher Auto Parts

My son, Gage, has been training with Anthony from All Out Fitness / Fight Chemistry for the past 6 months.  Prior to his training, my son participated in formal Taekwondo training for 8 years.  From the moment Gage stepped foot on Anthony’s mat, he knew this journey would be different.

Anthony has given my son the extra confidence to find his own fighting/self-defense style.  And, more importantly, he has also learned how to defuse a situation so it does not need to escalate to a physical altercation.

Gage has truly enjoyed the physical aspect of his training as well as the mental exercises that Anthony asks of his students.  The teaching/learning program is unique in that Anthony really listens to his clients’ goals and ideas and makes them a reality.

I highly recommend Fight Chemistry and Anthony Gonzales to any person interested in testing their physical & mental limits, want a positive outlet for stress relief, and have a desire to learn some amazing non-traditional self-defense tools.


Kristina Miller

I’ve had the privilege of participating in the CATS training sponsored by a local title company and taught by Anthony and Autumn. Initially, I thought it was a good idea as a Realtor to be able to learn how to assess and deal with uncomfortable situations I may encounter in the course of my business. What I’ve learned has far surpassed what I thought I would. I highly recommend the CATS training, which incorporates the principles of being Cunning, Aggressive, Technical, and learning Self-Defense to ANYONE who wants to really learn how to survive real-world life-threatening situations. From diffusing a confrontation with an argumentative person, to purse-snatching, to being approached while in your vehicle by an aggressive individual, and so many other situations in between, I learned to become a quietly powerful individual, confident of my abilities to defend myself. I am grateful to both Autumn and Anthony for this training. Anthony doesn’t just “talk” about a situation and give suggestions on how to deal with it. He and Autumn full out demonstrate it. Further, Anthony, bless his heart, literally puts on headgear or other protection gear so we can put into practice what we’ve just been taught and fight like our lives depend on it. I know from all the years Anthony served on the Glendale police force, he came across some really dangerous scenarios. I admire that he’s got such a passion to help people feel safe by teaching them real survival skills. He’s a sweetheart with a heart of a lion. I’ve incorporated into my daily life what I’ve learned, am much more aware of my surroundings, and have even shared a few “moves” with family and friends. Heartfelt thanks to Autumn and Anthony!  

Carmen Newman, Real Estate Professional
United Real Estate Success

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Friday, June 22, 2018

Cheryl 1:58pm
What a great gym. The owners really care about you as an individual. They will modify routines if you want to push yourself or you want to protect an injury, they can level it down.  It's full of positive energy and everyone is friendly. Every day is different - we could work on box jumps one day and pull ups the next and then stretching the next.  It's fitness for all levels so it works for everyone.  I highly recommend this gym - come try it out!  
Cheryl Goldsworthy, Construction Coordinator