Group Class Descriptions

*All Classes can be modified to accomodate beginner to advanced fitness levels

Body Combat - high-energy conditioning class using various combat techniques and Martial Arts inspired!  
Equipment used: Punching bags, pads, gloves and mats  

FHiiT 4 Life - Functional High Intensity Interval Training involving plyometric movements and functional exercises all set to a timer with short breaks between to increase stamina and anaerobic heart-rate.  
Equipment used:  Steps, bars, sandbags, bands, dumbbells, gliders, anything and everything

ALL OUT Power - Class that includes Non-Traditional Lifting to Increase Functional Strength
Equipment used:  Barbells, plates, dumbbells, tires, punching bags

Let's Box! -  Combination of Cardio and Strength Training using Non-Contact Boxing Techniques
Equipment used:  Punching pads, gloves, sandbags, dumbbells

Stretch and Strengthen - Low-Impact Stretch Class with Flow Movement to Increase Flexibility and Core Strength
Equipment used:  Bodyweight, bands, walls, bars, chairs

Power Combat - Combat Conditioning and Strength Training Combined into one Intense Class!
Equipment used:  Punching bags, pads, sandbags, plates, barbells, anything and everything

Ignite - 40 minute Advanced Athletic Conditioning Combined with Core and Stability Training.  Sprinting and cone drills intermixed with exercises designed to increase core strength and stability.
Equipment used:  Bodyweight, sandbags

PiYo - Combination of Pilates and Yoga.  Low-Impact Muscle-Sculpting and Flexibility Training
Equipment used:  Yoga Mat and bodyweight

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